dear you

So here’s the thing. It’s been almost a year to the day and I’ve come to peace with my break up. It sounds cliché, yeah, but it’s taken time and I actually want to reach the point that we can have some level of friendship. We don’t have any contact at all so I honestly could not think of any other way to try to do it other than just write this and hope the right people see it. I’ll make it as short as I can.

I’m not angry anymore, you might still be, but I hope you aren’t. I hope you’re at the same point as me where it’s a lesson learnt and some memories that will probably last a lifetime, but there is no animosity. Frankly, no strong emotion at all. I hope you’ve started afresh away from me; I can see now that’s what we both needed. I hope you’re well, I really do. I hope university is everything you imagined and, though I can’t get my tone of voice across on this, I genuinely hope your new relationship is happy and healthy. I’d like to hope that one day if we see each other we’ll be able to have a polite conversation and maybe even catch up, I’d love to know how your family are.

I suppose yeah, this is just my olive branch for peace. I admit I made some mistakes, I hope you can admit the same. I’m sorry.

Naturally this was a late night thought and I may immediately regret this in the morning if it backfires… I just hope not.

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