Hello, World.

Well hello there, people of the internet. This is supremely surreal that I am writing this and someone may read it that I have just never even met in my life. WOW.

I guess I need to introduce myself; for the purposes of this, I’m Lickle. This name stems from my initials – they sound out like “lickle”. I think I probably could have come up with something more imaginative but I started this on a whim at midnight, so my brain wasn’t on top form.

I think my intention/purpose/hope/idea here is to find a place I can just ramble. I reckon (as you can see I’m not exactly organised about this just yet) I’ll probably discuss various things, ranging from mental health to make up – just keeping it broad…

Probably nobody will ever read this except my friends, and even then it will only be because I’ve asked them to. But wouldn’t it be cool if you’re reading this and have no idea who I am? Hi there, if you are, welcome to Lickle Corner.

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